Wheeling Around the Globe: Pro Tips from a Wheelchair Traveler

By: Cheryl Angelelli Rolling across the Great Wall of China, taking an elevator to the top of the Eiffel Tower, going on a safari tour in South Africa; these are just a few of the amazing travel experiences I have had since becoming a quadriplegic in 1983 due to a spinal cord injury. I love […]

Living with a Neurogenic Bladder

By: Cheryl Angelelli As a C6 incomplete quadriplegic, living with a neurogenic bladder can sometimes be overwhelming and exhausting, especially during the first couple years following a spinal cord injury. My diving accident happened when I was just 14 years old. I was still grappling with the idea that I would never walk again, so […]

Breaking Down Barriers

Adaptive biker and disabled community advocate Annijke Wade talks neurogenic bladder management and inclusivity For Annijke Wade,* mountain biking is more than a hobby, it’s an obsession – and it’s what she loves most in the world. A year and a half ago, Annijke rode on her favorite trail in Angel Fire, New Mexico – […]

Dating with a Disability: Intimacy

In the second part of our dating series, Ali Ingersoll (@quirkyquad_ali; www.quirkyquad.com) talks about not letting your injury stop you from dating or having sex. Read part one here. Getting Intimate Five years after Ali’s shallow water diving accident that left her paralyzed from the chest down with limited hand mobility, she went on a dating […]

Myth vs Fact: Catheter Coverage

As an intermittent catheter user, the right catheter is critical to your health. Have you ever been told that your catheter of choice isn’t covered by your insurance? Unfortunately, dealers are giving this reason for not providing a product as they promote lower cost products. The truth is that all catheters are covered by insurance. […]

Dating with a Disability

Dating with a disability can be intimidating. Where do you start? How do you meet people? How honest should you be if you date online? In the first of our dating series, Ali Ingersoll (@quirkyquad_ali; www.quirkyquad.com) shares her dating experience, tips on setting up your online profile and advice for when you date in person. […]

Coming Back After a Spinal Cord Injury

After sustaining a C5 spinal cord injury the summer after high school senior year, Neil was determined to be an athlete and live his life, now in a manual wheelchair. “We were coming home [from Coeur d’Alene, Idaho] and it was two o'clock in the morning. I was sleeping and [the driver] fell asleep at […]

Accessible Beaches

Accessible beaches are becoming more common in the United States thanks to cities taking on the cost to install beach mats and have beach wheelchairs available for use. With spring and summer vacation planning happening, we want to share some tips, tricks and locations of accessible beaches. Did we miss your favorite accessible beach? Tell […]

Returning to activities after a spinal cord injury

On the way to the grocery store during a camping trip in Pennsylvania, Zac Wolfe’s life changed forever when the driver of the single cab truck he was riding in overcompensated a turn causing the truck to hit an embankment and roll over. At 19 years old, he remembers going in and out of consciousness, […]

WCMX Extreme Athlete, Tony Torres, gives back with his time and resources to future athletes

Tony Torres’ passion for wheelchair motor cross (WCMX) – and giving kids access to these activities – drives him. Born with spina bifida, when Tony discovered WCMX he immediately knew he wanted to learn the sport. Inspired by the sport’s founder, Aaron “Wheelz” Fotheringham, Tony adapted his first action sports wheelchair and started teaching himself. […]

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