9Lives Adventures Creates Canada's First Inclusive Adventure Race

9LivesEmailLogo9Lives Adventures may be the most exciting sports program we’ve encountered so far that helps people with different abilities to explore the world around them!  After fracturing his C7 vertabrae in an accident, Karim Ladki founded 9Lives Adventures in Vancouver, Canada with one simple goal: to provide extreme adventure travel to disabled individuals who wish to push their limitless boundaries and furthermore, create a forum and community for those who wish to tell their stories.

It is through community interest, awareness and support that 9 Lives Adventures brings their programs to the wheelchair community, and we’re excited to share their latest event with you!

Wildcat Adventure Race will kick off their first race on Saturday, September 14th at 10 a.m. – 6 p.m. at Hardwood Ski and Bike in Barrie, Ontario.  The event will be surrounding a war-themed adventure race, where 9 obstacle-based activities will be testing the participants through stimulating all their physical and mental senses.  If you've heard about the Warrior Dash, Tough Mudder or other similar events, this one is for you - especially because it's inclusive of differently-abled athletes!


“Brains are the new biceps”, said Karim Ladki, founder of 9Lives Adventures who aspires to change the mentality of traditional adventure sports. “We want to create a ‘Mind Over Matter’ race where our participants work together as an inclusive unit to reach the finish line."

Join us in Ontario, Canada this September for this exciting adventure race!
Join us in Ontario, Canada this September for this exciting adventure race!

A lot of thought and perspective was put forward in the mapping of their racecourse, making the terrain and obstacles attainable by wheelchair users, amputees, and even the visual/ hearing impaired. Communication and working with their comrades is a huge component in completing the race. “This is bringing adaptive sports to a whole new level, and a good opportunity to break down any barriers between able and disabled participants ,” explains Matt Thola, a 9Lives enthusiast living with paralysis.

Ontario, Canada Welcomes Adaptive Sports
Ontario is making its mark in adaptive sports. With the Pan Am Games coming in 2015, what better time could there be to introduce a once in a lifetime adaptive adventure-sporting event. “We are proud to host this first-ever event right here in Ontario, Canada for the world to see,” says Andrei Neagoi, Co-Founder of Wildcat Adventure Race.

Many proud sponsors are delighted to be a part of this event, as it provides new opportunities to collaborate in a positive light. “We embrace diversity & teamwork towards a joined goal that builds both character & leadership. We are honored to help build this army,” says Michelle Argyris of LandmarX Staffing Agency, who will be donating their talented staff to role-play in war themed characters as well as some financial resources.

9Lives Adventures uses the slogan “We Are Alive. We Are Individual. We Are Able.”
We couldn’t agree more!  Get out and enjoy life with 9Lives this summer!

Do you think you have what it takes to be a Wildcat? If you are interested and are aged 16 years and over, you are welcome to participate! The event is inclusive to those who are vision and hearing impaired, amputees, abled and disabled bodies.

For event updates, giveaways, team-building strategies, etc. please visit: www.facebook.com/WildcatAdventureRace.

If you want to be involved or sponsor the race, it is not too late!
Please contact Karim Ladki, (416) 909-9088.


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