Stroke by Stroke: Moving Forward with Mallory Weggemann

Editor’s Note: At 18 years old, Mallory Weggemann walked into the hospital for an epidural she was receiving as part of a standard course of treatment for residual pain from a prior case of shingles. As a result of an injection gone wrong, she did not walk back out of the hospital. Despite becoming paralyzed, […]

Comfort Conversations: Finding Your New Normal After a Spinal Cord Injury

Join us every other month for Comfort Conversations, a discussion series led by our Ambassadors who share their thoughts on issues affecting wheelchair users worldwide. Today’s topic is on finding a new normal after a spinal cord injury, written by Comfort Ambassador Margarita Elizondo.  As I laid in ICU hooked up to life support, sustained […]

Glen Schlotterbeck: Reinvent Yourself!

Editors note: As a graduate of the US Air Force Academy, Glen Schlotterbeck spent time as a fighter pilot in Europe during the final years of the cold war before becoming a commercial airline pilot. He had been flying for 26 years with Delta Air Lines and had logged nearly 17,000 hours at the time […]

A Lesson on Living Life to the Fullest with Hydred Makabali

Editor’s note: Hydred Makabali, born and raised in England and now living in San Diego, California, was in a car accident just a few days after her 18th Birthday, resulting in a complete T9-T12 injury. My Accident and the Aftermath My accident happened five days after my 18th birthday.  I was feeling young and daring, […]

Exploring Faith on Wheels

Faith. It’s that quiet inner voice that speaks to you on the good days and especially on the bad. Sometimes it’s the one thing that can calm you when nothing else will, and for some, it’s the difference between being able to move on or carry on, or not. Spirituality is just one resource that […]

New Mom Rachelle Friedman Discovers the Ultimate Wheelchair Combo

Editor's Note: Never underestimate the power of a mother who uses a wheelchair. She is a master of resourcefulness, a seeker of solutions, an ever-adapting individual who handles her disability with incredible grace while also nurturing another human life.  Rachelle Friedman is the perfect example of a new mother who does both. Once known as […]

From Heavy Metal to Harps: Paraplegic George Flores Rocks as He Rolls

Editor’s Note: George Flores of Chicago, Illinois, was a popular heavy metal musician and played all the instruments in a band, but he was primarily a singer. When the record company his band was working with canceled its contract, George decided, “I’d better grow up and get a real job.” That’s how Flores went from […]

Monica Quimby Shares Her Story of Hope & Success After SCI

How do you handle waking up to find yourself living in a bad dream? Do you spend a lifetime mourning what could have been, or do you create a better ending? The popular e-book entitled  COURAGE: Stories of Hometown Heroes shares stories of people who have found success after a life-changing event like spinal cord injury, […]

The Triumph Foundation is Here to Help You Up

Triumph means "the act of greatly overcoming an obstacle". The word itself is powerful and motivating, which is why it perfectly takes its place within the Triumph Foundation's name. The Triumph Foundation is an organization devoted to helping individuals with spinal cord injuries overcome whatever obstacles they are facing and to do so in a […]

Have SCI? CPAP May be the Answer for Sleep Troubles

Do you have trouble sleeping? Do you sleep only a few hours a night? A new study shows that people with spinal cord injury could benefit from being assessed for sleep apnea. According to the American Academy of Sleep Medicine, 77 percent of spinal cord injury (SCI) survivors have symptomatic sleep-disordered breathing, and nearly 92 […]

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