The Healing Powers of Grounding Therapy for Wheelchair Users

Editor’s Note:  Having grown up on a farm in rural Montana, Clint Ober intuitively understood the benefits of being connected with the earth. After leaving the countryside for city life, his career in the cable television industry taught him the importance of another type of connection with the earth:  the concept of electrical grounding. After […]

Adaptive Aerial Yoga Allows Wheelchair Users to Fly

  Editor’s Note: Texas native Sara Schaffer has been practicing physical therapy for over a quarter of a century and has worked in both the neurological and orthopedic fields. Also a long time yoga practitioner, she has trained under some of the best in the industry. When aerial yoga came onto her radar a few […]

Reflections and Lessons Learned in 2017

We hope your 2017 was as enlightening and empowering as ours was here at Wheel:Life. As we kick off a new year, we wanted to look back on some of our most memorable interviews from 2017 and remind ourselves to bring along some of the lessons learned into 2018. Stroke by Stroke: Moving Forward with […]

Comfort Medical is Helping People to Achieve a Healthier and Happier Lifestyle

If you’re an avid Wheel:Life reader, you may remember that we joined the Comfort Medical family back in 2016. But who exactly is Comfort Medical and what do they do? Founded in 2010, Comfort Medical is a nationally approved participating Medicare provider of catheter and ostomy supplies offering free home delivery and regular courtesy calls […]

Building Strength and Confidence with Handi Capable Fitness

Editor’s Note: A botched hernia operation during infancy left James Norris with cerebral palsy. Though he was able to get around with a walker throughout the early years of his life, the time constraints of switching classes in high school coupled with teenage laziness made using a wheelchair a necessity. Fast forward to adulthood, Norris moved […]

Smooth Sailing with David Gaston

Editor’s Note:  A Texas coast native, David Gaston has been in and around the water his whole life. Obtaining his scuba certification at the age of 13 and then working as a commercial diver in the oil fields just out of high school, Gaston turned his passion for all things aquatic into a career. After […]

Pursuing Health and Happiness with Malaise Wheelchair Fitness

Editor’s Note: Justin Malaise grew up in small-town Wisconsin as a star three-sport high school athlete. One month after graduation, a car accident left him in a wheelchair forcing him to forgo his plans of playing college ball. After spending the entire summer in the hospital, Malaise left home for college without having had the […]

Exploring Faith on Wheels

Faith. It’s that quiet inner voice that speaks to you on the good days and especially on the bad. Sometimes it’s the one thing that can calm you when nothing else will, and for some, it’s the difference between being able to move on or carry on, or not. Spirituality is just one resource that […]

A Wheelchair User's Guide to Prescription Savings for You & Your Pet

If you use a wheelchair, chances are you also have a handful of medications and maybe even a fixed budget. [Don't we all?] Are you missing out on major discounts without even knowing it when it comes to buying prescriptions? With the right research, and finding out what companies offer the best discounts, you could […]

Open Enrollment Season: Consider This Before Changing Health Plans

With open enrollment for health insurance starting in November 2015, it’s important to evaluate your current benefits to decide whether or not your plan is working for you. Looking for another plan that better fits your budget? You may want to research other policies. Before changing your current health insurance coverage though, consider these factors […]

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