SPORTS 'N SPOKES: Leading the Charge Into Wheelchair Sports

sportsnspokesSince its inception in 1975, SPORTS 'N SPOKES magazine has served as the "Sports Illustrated" for the wheelchair community. Currently distributed to 43 countries worldwide, SPORTS 'N SPOKES says, “Our readers come from all walks of life all having one thing in common: determination!” Readers find ample resources on the magazine's pages and website, such as pictures, videos, stories, and all around helpful information for folks in wheelchairs. We at Wheel:Life want to recognize what a great service our friends at SPORTS 'N SPOKES are doing, as a way of helping our friends discover this fantastic resource.

The print version of SPORTS 'N SPOKES is mailed bimonthly to subscribers. Each magazine has various articles and sections detailing all aspects of wheelchair sports and athletics. Beyond the print edition, you can find extra news and resources on their website, in addition to past issues to catch up on previous stories, pretty neat.  A new section of their site, called “Sportsclusive”, offers a dedicated section that speaks specifically to current sporting events, working much like an updated newswire for the wheelchair sports events that take place between the printed publications.

Photo courtesy of S'NS
Photo courtesy of S'NS

SPORTS 'N SPOKES is one of the many editorial publications that are supported and published by PVA (Paralyzed Veterans of America). Both organizations support one another by promoting available resources from both groups to their members. For example, a visit to the SPORTS 'N SPOKES website will introduce you to the "One Car, One Difference" program that is a PVA-driven effort to gather donated cars that will be sold to fund resources for paralyzed veterans.

S'NS Web Editor Chris DiVirgilio is a retired Marine, and committed to serving other veterans who now use wheelchairs.
S'NS Web Editor Chris DiVirgilio is a retired Marine, and is committed to serving other veterans who now use wheelchairs.

About One Car, One Difference
Serious injury shouldn't stop our veterans from living the full, rewarding lives they deserve. Donate a vehicle you're not using, and the One Car One Difference® program will auction your donated vehicle for cash for Paralyzed Veterans of America. Founded by service members after World War II, Paralyzed Veterans of America works for quality VA healthcare, satisfying jobs for wounded veterans, to provide rehabilitation through adaptive sports and to aid the development of new treatments and cures for spinal cord injury/dysfunction.”

No other publication does it better than SPORTS 'N SPOKES when it comes to covering wheelchair sports. When you subscribe to the publication, you can comment on articles, stories, and pictures, and also connect with athletes in 43 different countries! So give them a visit, especially if you’re an avid athlete or know someone who is -- you'll love the action shots and backstories that you find within their pages and on their site.

S'NS features Gabriel Cordell pushing into the night as he and his Roll with Me, a Journey Across America team continue their way through Arizona.
S'NS features Gabriel Cordell pushing into the night as he and his Roll with Me, a Journey Across America team continue their way through Arizona.

And stay tuned! Wheel:Life will be teaming up with SPORTS 'N SPOKES this summer on the 3rd annual Get Out & Enjoy Life program, where we'll be sharing accessible vacation spots and summer events with you, nationwide.

For more information on SPORTS 'N SPOKES, visit their website at or check them out on Facebook.

Justin1  About the Author: Justin Racine, from Boston, serves as a Marketing Manager for Care Resource. He graduated from Western New England University with a B.S.B.A in Marketing Communication/Advertising. When he’s not busy with Marketing, Justin enjoys competing in 10K races, Boston sports, and spending time with friends and family.



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