Ki Mobility Celebrates 10 Years of Better Wheelchair Design

Join us in celebrating a very special birthday in the complex rehab field!  Wheelchair manufacturer Ki Mobility is celebrating 10 years of providing great product and service through better design for people facing mobility challenges.  To commemorate their anniversary, Ki Mobility is celebrating by doing what they do best – giving back to the community […]

How to Begin: 7 Common Questions about Wheelchair Sports

1. What are the most popular wheelchair sports? Many sports have been adapted to be played by those in wheelchairs. Among the most popular are handcycling, basketball, tennis, softball, badminton and wheelchair racing. 2. What are handcycles used for? How can I try one? Handcycles are used in place of regular wheelchairs for aerobic workouts, […]

The Abilities Expo: Connecting the Community, One Stop at a Time

Have you been to the Abilities Expo? Here's where you should go, and why, to connect with friends who have similar interests nationwide! Abilities Expo CEO David Korse shares highlights from the roadshow below: The Abilities Expo is a series of events held across the United States specifically for individuals with disabilities. Eighty percent of […]

Go Off-Roading with FreeWheel

Patrick Dougherty suffered a severe motocross accident seven years ago and as a result is now a C6/7 incomplete quad. Did Dougherty let this slow him down? Nope! He is the owner/inventor of a radical new product called FreeWheel. FreeWheel is an attachment for mobile wheelchairs that turns them into a off-road adventure vehicle! The […]

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