Go Off the Beaten Path with the Outbounder 6x6

Editor’s Note: After falling from a tree while hunting, Geoff Newmyer became a T9-T10 paraplegic. A few years later, a friend shared an article with him about the Outbounder, an off-road wheelchair that just happened to be produced only 45 minutes from his hometown. He quickly contacted the manufacturer to try one out and instantly […]

Making Adaptive Climbing More Accessible with Arthur Torrey

Editor’s Note: When a tree-cutting accident in 2010 led to broken bones, a separated shoulder, and a punctured aorta, it seemed that Arthur Torrey had miraculously escaped any spinal cord damage. However, after undergoing emergency surgery to patch up his aorta, he woke up a paraplegic. Describing himself as a tool geek, handyman, and heavy […]

Allen Beauchamp on Life, Love and Hockey

My name is Allen Beauchamp, and I'm 43 years old. I live in a town called Negaunee, in Michigan’s Upper Peninsula. After graduating from high school in 1991, I spent a few years working at a local tire shop. Then, I decided to enlist in the US Navy. I served for a few years as […]

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