Yoocan Storytellers Discuss Interabled Relationships and Adaptive Sports

Wheel:Life has mentioned how incredible Yoocan is a few times now, so if you haven’t yet checked out the global collaborative community for and by people with disabilities, now is the time. Why should you join thousands of others in telling your story? Because sharing your struggles, adventures, accomplishments, frustrations, and passions can make the world a better place. Perhaps in reading about someone else’s success, you’ll be inspired to follow your dreams. Or maybe when you disclose your deepest fears, the weight of feeling alone will be lifted from a reader across the world. Everyone has a story to tell. Here are some of the Yoocan storytellers who recently piqued our interest.

Squirmy and Grubs:  Demystifying Dating with a Disability

Squirmy & Grubs in swimming pool

Shane Burcaw and his girlfriend, Hannah Aylward, have been dating for a few years now, but they’re no ordinary couple...or are they? Shane lives with spinal muscular atrophy type two and uses an electric wheelchair for mobility, so when people see him with his able-bodied girlfriend, they often asked if she’s his sister or nurse. Pulling from various experiences of this nature, the couple started a YouTube channel called Squirmy and Grubs aiming to dispel myths and misconceptions about interabled relationships. Their videos range from a day in the life to more serious topics such as the recent Dr. Phil episode in which he declares 100 out of 100 interabled relationships fail if one of the partners is the caregiver. Sorry, Dr. Phil, but Squirmy and Grubs, along with countless other couples, are proving you wrong!

Read more about Shane and Hannah’s story on Yoocan.

Bibi:  He Makes Me Forget My Physical Limitations

Bibi in a wheelchair and her boyfriend standing by her side in Monument Valley Navajo Tribal Park with rock formations in the background.

Bibi is a 30-year-old from Austria with amyotrophic lateral sclerosis, but she and her boyfriend aren’t letting that stop them from traveling the world. Also a talented photographer, Bibi showcases her travel pics on her Instagram profile, @bibi_wheelchair_traveller. In her Yoocan story, she shares how even after receiving a devastating diagnosis at the age of 16, her boyfriend stayed by her side, and 14 years later, he continues to provide support while they live an active, fulfilling life together.

Check out Bibi’s story on Yoocan.

Bibi in her wheelchair on a cement path with greenery and flowers surrounding her.

Pasqual “Paco” Torres:  Why I Love Adaptive Sports

Pace sitting on ground holding skateboard.

Despite being born without legs and also missing a few fingers, Paco Torres has always led an active life. While on the wrestling team in high school, he had a highly successful career competing against able-bodied wrestlers. Later in life, he picked up wheelchair rugby and eventually claimed a spot on the Team USA roster. Paco has several modes of mobility including his wheelchair, prosthetic legs, and from a young age, his skateboard. Don’t be fooled by all the brawn, however; Torres also writes poetry for his children on shares his rhymes on his website, BoyWithoutLegs.com.

Read about why Paco loves sports on Yoocan.

Paco on his skateboard in front of staircase.

What’s Your Story?

If you haven’t told your own story on Yoocan yet, what are you waiting for? All you have to do is go to yoocanfind.com, click on “+ADD” at the top of the page, and follow the steps to create an account by clicking on “Sign Up For Free.” Once you’re registered, you’ll be directed to a form where you can write up your story and upload a few photos. Need help? Just click on the “Chat With Caring People” button at the bottom right side of the website. All submissions are reviewed before appearing on the website, so you probably won’t see yours right away. Just make sure to follow along on social media daily, so you don’t miss it!

Don’t forget, you can also shop for mobility equipment, technology, gadgets, books, and more on yoocanfind.com as well as search for stories or products by disability. Check out this article on Wheel:Life for more information.

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