Advocating for Disability Rights with Stephanie Woodward and CDR

Editor’s Note: During a summer internship at the Center for Disability Rights, Stephanie Woodward attended her first protest to advocate against personal attendant budget cuts. When the chant leader’s voice started to tire, Stephanie instinctively and spontaneously took over for him. Recognizing her knack for advocacy, CDR offered her a part-time job, which she held […]

Get Ready for Rolling With Me’s Each By Name Conference

Wheel:Life, Comfort Medical, and Rolling With Me is excited to announce that Comfort Medical will be sponsoring Rolling With Me’s Second Annual “Each By Name,” conference. This conference informs, engages, and empowers women of all abilities. Each By Name is Hosted by La Mesa Church of Christ in La Mesa, California, and is organized by […]

Pursuing Health and Happiness with Malaise Wheelchair Fitness

Editor’s Note: Justin Malaise grew up in small-town Wisconsin as a star three-sport high school athlete. One month after graduation, a car accident left him in a wheelchair forcing him to forgo his plans of playing college ball. After spending the entire summer in the hospital, Malaise left home for college without having had the […] Blazing the Trail Towards an Accessible World  

Editor’s Note: After sustaining severe burns during a car accident in 2012, John Morris became a triple amputee losing both legs below the knee as well as his right hand. At that point, the easy path would have been to accept that his former life as a teacher, globetrotter, and corporate travel consultant was over. […]

Peter Arballo Never Gave Up on Himself — Neither Should You

Editor’s Note: Peter Arballo was born in Southern California to Mexican migrants. At the age of 10, his father left, and his mom took on the full responsibility of raising seven children alone. Arballo shared his story with Wheel:Life, including how he was injured and how wheelchair sports saved him from continuing down a dark […]

Full Speed Ahead with Endurance Racer Michael Johnson

Editor’s Note: Michael Johnson of Lansing, Michigan, started racing motorcycles with his father when he was only three years old. In 2005, he suffered a traumatic accident in which he broke his back during a race, leaving him paralyzed from the mid-chest down. After adjusting to his new normal, he found his way back to […]

Summer Solutions with STYLEDWEL

Editor’s Note: Mary Marshall, founder of STYLEDWEL, created LEGG-INS® after seeing a family member struggle while adjusting to life with a catheter. When Marshall saw he was feeling embarrassed about the possibility of people seeing his urinary waste bag, her simple idea of creating a cover for it allowed him to move on with his […]

Comfort Conversations: Finding Encouragement Through Peer Support Groups

Join us every other month for Comfort Conversations, a discussion series led by our Ambassadors who share their thoughts on issues affecting wheelchair users worldwide. Today’s topic is on finding encouragement through peer support groups, written by Comfort Ambassador and the face of the Woody Foundation, James “Woody” Beckham. The phrase "peer support group" evokes […]

Allen Beauchamp on Life, Love and Hockey

My name is Allen Beauchamp, and I'm 43 years old. I live in a town called Negaunee, in Michigan’s Upper Peninsula. After graduating from high school in 1991, I spent a few years working at a local tire shop. Then, I decided to enlist in the US Navy. I served for a few years as […]

Yoocan Get Empowered!

Editor’s Note: Inspired by a family member with disabilities, Moshe Goan used his diverse background in business, advertising, and investing to launch Yoocan and Alto. His aim: to allow people with disabilities to empower each other and find the products, services and innovations necessary to live a fulfilling life. Our Inspiration It all started with […]

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