Are You Prepared in an Emergency? ADAPTS Has Your Back

Editor’s Note: When retired flight attendant Robin Wearley received a call from her friend John Morris (the man behind to discuss emergency evacuation protocol for wheelchair travelers, she realized the industry needed to seriously rethink their methods or rather, lack thereof. After Morris mentioned he’d likely have to rely on the kindness of strangers for […]

Quadriplegic Vlogger Tim Taylor Educates People on SCI

Editor’s Note: On an evening in 2003, Tim Taylor went on a pizza run with his girlfriend and her sister to pick up dinner for the family. When an oncoming vehicle came into their lane, the driver swerved to miss the other car but consequently, crashed into a tree. Tim awoke 12 days later from […]

The Kids of Yoocan Continue to Shine 

Editor’s Note: In 2016, Moshe Gaon, a successful businessman and investor, put his other endeavors on hold to create Yoocan. Inspired by his nephew, who was born with a host of health conditions, he set out to build a global platform for people to share their stories of living with a disability. Three years later, […]

Summer Solutions with STYLEDWEL

Editor’s Note: Mary Marshall, founder of STYLEDWEL, created LEGG-INS® after seeing a family member struggle while adjusting to life with a catheter. When Marshall saw he was feeling embarrassed about the possibility of people seeing his urinary waste bag, her simple idea of creating a cover for it allowed him to move on with his […]

Refuel and Rejuvenate At Abilities Expo New York Metro

East coasters, or anyone within striking distance, gear up for Abilities Expo New York Metro! From May 5-7, 2017, the New Jersey Convention and Expo Center will transform into a playground and informational hub for the disabled and their caregivers. The three-day event is jam-packed with cutting edge technology exhibits, participatory adaptive sports demos, practical […]

Avoiding Slippery Slopes with Garth Walker and National Ramp

Editor’s Note: After selling his prior business, Garth Walker went to work for his father’s home modification company. When presented with the opportunity, Walker, along with his partners, bought National Ramp in 2010 and have been growing and improving the product line ever since. National Ramp dealers service the entire United States and Canada and […]

Go Wild with the Rogue XP Wheelchair by Ki Mobility

You're young. You're active. You're YOU. Don't let a heavy wheelchair hold you back from the way you'd like to roll.  Our friends at Ki Mobility understand that inner drive you have as you're heading off to school, your first job or just away for the weekend to explore your world. That's why they've designed […]

Turn Heads at the Skate Park with the BC~Skate Chair by Colours

For some, chair skating is more than just a hobby, it’s a way of life.  That's why the BC~Skate Chair from Colours is designed to meet your needs. Whether you’re a motocross athlete, or a steady cruiser, each chair is made custom for the user. You can even add luxury features so that you can ensure […]

Seasoned Travel Bloggers Share EZ-Access Advantages

Note: Wheel:Life caught up recently with Barbara and Jim Twardowski, a married couple who write about disability and travel topics. We captured their perspective on the need for portable ramps when visiting, traveling and generally on the go. “When my new friend, Monique, recently invited us to attend a holiday party at her home, my […]

New Mom Rachelle Friedman Discovers the Ultimate Wheelchair Combo

Editor's Note: Never underestimate the power of a mother who uses a wheelchair. She is a master of resourcefulness, a seeker of solutions, an ever-adapting individual who handles her disability with incredible grace while also nurturing another human life.  Rachelle Friedman is the perfect example of a new mother who does both. Once known as […]

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