Remembering 2018: Lessons to Carry into 2019

As each year comes to a close, we like to look back and reflect on the people we met, the journeys we went on, and the lessons we learned. In 2018, we talked to adventure travelers, authors, filmmakers, techies, physical therapists, fitness gurus, entrepreneurs, and more. We learned so much from each and every person […]

Causes for Change: Making a Difference at Home and Abroad

Editor’s Note:  As an infant, Zully JF Alvarado contracted polio, but at the time, the villagers in her home country of Ecuador didn’t have the resources or knowledge to properly diagnose her condition. When a priest on a mission trip took interest in her, her parents allowed him to take her to the United States […]

Chris Lenart on Life With Cerebral Palsy and

Editor’s Note:  After a difficult childbirth in which both baby and mother’s lives were in danger, Chris Lenart’s parents discovered he had cerebral palsy shortly after. In an era where children with disabilities were often institutionalized or segregated into educationally subpar programs, Chris’ parents did everything in their power to ensure he received solid schooling. […]

Ms. Wheelchair America: Empowering Women, Shaping Leaders

Editor’s Note:  Over three decades ago, Michigander Shelly Loose swerved in her car to avoid hitting a deer and broke her neck. After several months of rehabilitation in the hospital, she was released and returned home as a wheelchair user. In 2007, she discovered the Ms. Wheelchair America competition and went on to become the […]

The Story of Two Guys, a Wheelchair, and El Camino

What was simply meant to be two best friends hiking El Camino de Santiago together, as literally millions have done before them, turned out to be so much more than either of them could have ever imagined or expected. In the documentary I’ll Push You, we follow the two men, as one pushes the other […]

Air Travel as a Wheelchair User: What Should You Expect?  

After my injury twelve years ago, there were many things I had always done throughout my life that I wanted to continue doing despite becoming a wheelchair user. One thing that had always been important to me was traveling. However, as a new wheelchair user, many fears came along with the thought of traveling; the […]

Freedom Concepts: Helping Kids Be Kids

Editor’s Note:  After complications at birth, Jacoby Zebinski was diagnosed with quadriplegic spastic cerebral palsy. Today, at six years old, his condition prevents him from walking independently. However, it doesn’t stop him from enjoying life’s pleasures such as watching sports, being outdoors, and spending time with his family. When he first tested an adaptive bike […]

The Chanda Plan Foundation:  Changing Lives Through Access to Integrative Therapy

Editor’s Note: When conventional medicine was failing quadriplegic Chanda Hinton-Leichtle, she knew something had to change. At just 59 pounds and chronically ill in her early 20s, her sister suggested trying integrative therapy. Thanks to those therapies, her health began to turn around, and she realized others in her situation could surely benefit from the […]

Tecla: Fostering Independence Through Access to Technology

Editor’s Note:  While studying biomedical engineering in his home country of Mexico, Mauricio Meza headed north for an internship at a spinal cord injury rehabilitation center in Toronto, Canada. There, he worked in the assistive technology division helping wheelchair users access technology. With a desire to further explore the possibilities of using technology to facilitate […]

Super Leg Joel Ellen on Faith and Fitness After Limb Loss

Editor’s Note:  When athlete and fitness fanatic Joel Ellen started experiencing hip pain in his early 20s, he consulted numerous health practitioners in search of the root cause hoping to find some relief from the constant suffering. After years of trying several conventional and natural therapies to no avail, his doctor prescribed narcotics and muscle […]

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