Ralph's Riders' Lovett and Butler Talk About Giving Back

Editor’s Note: Since Ralph’s Riders launched over a decade ago, the foundation has been supporting the spinal cord injury and mobility-impaired community through various programs and resources.  Marcy Lovett, a T5-6 paraplegic, serves as the foundation's treasurer and is also a model, actress, accountant, and advocate for the disability community. Catie Butler, the secretary for […]

Ralph’s Riders Members Talk About Peer Mentoring and Building Alliances for a Stronger Community

Editor’s Note:  Ralph’s Riders was launched over 10 years ago by Mayra Fornos in the memory of her late husband, Ralph, who sustained a spinal cord injury while surfing. The foundation has been dedicated to helping people with mobility impairments lead independent, healthy lives ever since. Wheel:Life writer Betsy Bailey talked with the president of […]

Yoocan Storytellers Discuss Interabled Relationships and Adaptive Sports

Wheel:Life has mentioned how incredible Yoocan is a few times now, so if you haven’t yet checked out the global collaborative community for and by people with disabilities, now is the time. Why should you join thousands of others in telling your story? Because sharing your struggles, adventures, accomplishments, frustrations, and passions can make the […]

Love Really Does Conquer All: How Ralph and Mayra Fornos Turned Tragedy into Triumph

Editor’s Note:  Emigrating from Cuba to Southern California, the Fornos & Reyes families spent many a weekend together at the Cuban community center in Culver City. After high school, Ralph Fornos and Mayra Reyes, who had become close friends during childhood, fell out of touch until they crossed paths again at a party during their […]

Yoocan: Where People with Disabilities from All Over the World Connect

Back in 2017, Wheel:Life featured a story on Yoocan and Alto. For those of you who missed it, Yoocan is a unique, collaborative online community for people with disabilities to connect, share personal stories, and empower each other. Alto was a membership club providing discounts on products and services for the disability community. The two […]

Pushing Pedals for Fun and Therapy – Kessley Hales and Her Freedom Concepts Bike

Editor’s Note: When Kristi Hales noticed her unborn baby wasn’t as active as usual just a few days before her due date, she decided to consult her doctor. After an ultrasound revealed no movement, she was rushed to the ER for an emergency C-section. Doctors delivered little Kessley who had been tangled up in the […]

Freedom Concepts: Helping Kids Be Kids

Editor’s Note:  After complications at birth, Jacoby Zebinski was diagnosed with quadriplegic spastic cerebral palsy. Today, at six years old, his condition prevents him from walking independently. However, it doesn’t stop him from enjoying life’s pleasures such as watching sports, being outdoors, and spending time with his family. When he first tested an adaptive bike […]

Travel for All: Making Adventure a Reality for Joanne and Bill Hogan

  Editor’s Note: As the son of a military man and the daughter of a merchant seaman, both Bill and Joanne Hogan learned early on in life to adapt to frequent moves and ever-changing surroundings. As adults, they each chose careers that often required traveling to all corners of the world. Bill, following in his […]

Super Leg Joel Ellen on Faith and Fitness After Limb Loss

Editor’s Note:  When athlete and fitness fanatic Joel Ellen started experiencing hip pain in his early 20s, he consulted numerous health practitioners in search of the root cause hoping to find some relief from the constant suffering. After years of trying several conventional and natural therapies to no avail, his doctor prescribed narcotics and muscle […]

The Benefits of Your Child Getting Active with Adaptive Bike Riding

Parents of children living with disabilities:  Take a minute to travel back in time to when you first learned to ride a bike. Feel the wind in your hair, your heart racing, and the exhilaration of experiencing freedom while pedaling down the street to your best friend’s house. Remember all of those adventures you went […]

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