Our Top 5 Accessible Summer Vacation Destinations

It’s time to talk about summer vacation plans. If you like to have all the info before booking a vacation, I’m guessing you’re still trying to decide on which destination will combine the ease of accessibility with all of the other elements you’re looking for in a vacation. If this is the case, don’t forego […]

Cruising the Planet with Amputee Debra Kerper

Editor’s Note: When a bone infection complicated by lupus took Debra Kerper’s right leg, her doctors told her she shouldn’t be working full-time. However, after giving up her job as an office assistant, boredom quickly set in. Kerper’s restlessness led her to the nearby community college where a brochure stating, “Travel the World” caught her […]

Inclusion, Adventure, and Therapy with Freedom Concepts

Editor’s Note: In 2014, Michigan residents Caroline Booth and Matt Naif welcomed their daughter into the world six weeks prematurely. After some time in the neonatal intensive care unit, they left the hospital thinking baby Briella was ready to settle into home life in good health. A year and a half later, some concern arose […]

Winter Weather Preparedness Tips for Wheelchair Users

Are you dreading this winter season? Dealing with slushy, icy, snowy, and windy conditions can be quite a challenge for wheelchair users, and you might be tempted to just hibernate at home for the next few months. Although there may be moments when it is indeed safer to stay inside, with a little forethought, you […]

Comfort Medical is Helping People to Achieve a Healthier and Happier Lifestyle

If you’re an avid Wheel:Life reader, you may remember that we joined the Comfort Medical family back in 2016. But who exactly is Comfort Medical and what do they do? Founded in 2010, Comfort Medical is a nationally approved participating Medicare provider of catheter and ostomy supplies offering free home delivery and regular courtesy calls […]

Get Ready for Rolling With Me’s Each By Name Conference

Wheel:Life, Comfort Medical, and Rolling With Me is excited to announce that Comfort Medical will be sponsoring Rolling With Me’s Second Annual “Each By Name,” conference. This conference informs, engages, and empowers women of all abilities. Each By Name is Hosted by La Mesa Church of Christ in La Mesa, California, and is organized by […]

Gain Traction This Fall with National Ramp

Summer is officially over and dreary winter weather is on its way. For those of us living in rainy or snowy climates, it’s time to prepare for slippery conditions! For wheelchair users, getting in and out of your home during or after a rainstorm without proper safety measures can be scary and dangerous. That’s where […]

Wheeling, Driving, Bowling, Preaching, Parenting...Johnny Hudson Does It All Hands-free!

Editor’s Note: Johnny Hudson was born in 1977 with unforeseen severe physical abnormalities. Upon giving birth, his mother was told by her doctors that she’d be better off signing her child over to them and going home. She disagreed, checked herself out of the hospital, took her baby home, and raised him like any other […]

The Abilities Expo is Coming To Boston!

Boston awaits with open arms. This September 8–10, head over to the Convention and Exhibition Center for the Abilities Expo, and enjoy a weekend full of fun, discovery, and enlightenment. Free Workshops! Get out your pad of paper, tablet, or recording device — you’re going to want to take notes throughout this three-day event packed […]

Full Speed Ahead with Endurance Racer Michael Johnson

Editor’s Note: Michael Johnson of Lansing, Michigan, started racing motorcycles with his father when he was only three years old. In 2005, he suffered a traumatic accident in which he broke his back during a race, leaving him paralyzed from the mid-chest down. After adjusting to his new normal, he found his way back to […]

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