Open Enrollment Season: Consider This Before Changing Health Plans

With open enrollment for health insurance starting in November 2015, it’s important to evaluate your current benefits to decide whether or not your plan is working for you. Looking for another plan that better fits your budget? You may want to research other policies. Before changing your current health insurance coverage though, consider these factors […]

College Life on Wheels: Are You Ready?

College is an important step in every student’s life. It's a big change. A change of place; a change of faces; and a change of the routine. It is the official beginning of adulthood; the first time moving away from home and away from family and friends. It's the first time we make decisions on […]

How to Begin: 7 Common Questions about Wheelchair Sports

1. What are the most popular wheelchair sports? Many sports have been adapted to be played by those in wheelchairs. Among the most popular are handcycling, basketball, tennis, softball, badminton and wheelchair racing. 2. What are handcycles used for? How can I try one? Handcycles are used in place of regular wheelchairs for aerobic workouts, […]

Get on the Court with Wheelchair Basketball – How You Can Get Started

Basketball season may have inspired you to take up wheelchair basketball. You may find yourself wondering, however, if wheelchair basketball is right for you and where to start. Look no further! Below are answers to some of the most popular topics on wheelchair basketball—from rules to rear wheel size. Qualifying to Play Wheelchair Basketball Anyone […]

Ms. Wheelchair California Foundation Empowers Others Through Their Stories

Editor's Note: The Ms. Wheelchair California Foundation is the only, official state pageant recognized by Ms. Wheelchair America. All of their titleholders progress to compete for the Ms. Wheelchair America title. Wheel:Life had the honor of interviewing two of their titleholders - Ms. Wheelchair California 2010, Jennifer Kumiyama and Ms. Wheelchair California 2015, Dr. Alette […]

The Abilities Expo: Connecting the Community, One Stop at a Time

Have you been to the Abilities Expo? Here's where you should go, and why, to connect with friends who have similar interests nationwide! Abilities Expo CEO David Korse shares highlights from the roadshow below: The Abilities Expo is a series of events held across the United States specifically for individuals with disabilities. Eighty percent of […]

Get Out, Enjoy Life Photo Contest: 10 Honorable Mentions

With so many great photos to choose from, selecting the winners for our annual Get Out Enjoy Life Photo Contest with SPORTS 'N SPOKES magazine is always a difficult decision. In 2014, Regina Cake won first place in the Get Out Enjoy Life Photo Contest with her taking the roads by storm in her adaptive, hot pink […]

Monica Quimby Shares Her Story of Hope & Success After SCI

How do you handle waking up to find yourself living in a bad dream? Do you spend a lifetime mourning what could have been, or do you create a better ending? The popular e-book entitled  COURAGE: Stories of Hometown Heroes shares stories of people who have found success after a life-changing event like spinal cord injury, […]

Money-Saving Tips During Deductible Co-Pay Season

The joy of the new year always seems a little less bright when you realize it’s also time to meet your health insurance deductible during the first three months of the year.  Regardless of whether or not you’re on Medicare, Medicaid or private insurance, it seems every insurance plan has some deductible and co-pay schedule […]

Ms.Wheelchair California Tiffany Hendrickson Tells Her Story

Tiffany Hendrickson, age 25, had no intention of competing in the Ms.Wheelchair California competition when she first learned about it. Tiffany explains, “I hated public speaking, but after having Ms. Wheelchair California reach out to me a few times, I decided to go for it, just to prove I could be a good public speaker.” […]

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