Get the Dirt on Accessible Gardening

What comes to your mind when you think of gardening? Many picture someone on their hands and knees, digging in the ground. This isn’t the only way you can enjoy a garden, though. Many people with different physical abilities can still get out in the garden!. The following resources may help you cultivate your green […]

Hitting the Field with Wheelchair Lacrosse

Hold onto your helmets, sports fans! Wheelchair lacrosse is the newest full contact adaptive sport to gain traction in the USA since rugby started in 1977. Lacrosse is a sport that involves a unique combination of speed, skill, agility, grace, teamwork, and finesse. Basketball inventor James Naismith once called it, "the best of all possible field […]

Flying the Friendly Skies: Delta’s Effort to Accommodate Travelers With Disabilities

While much has been said in the past about the wrongs and woes that travelers experience while flying, very little is shared in a public forum about the steps that commercial airlines are taking to improve accessibility for their customers with disabilities.  Perhaps it’s easier to focus on the negative, especially during the frustrations that can […]

9Lives Adventures Creates Canada's First Inclusive Adventure Race

9Lives Adventures may be the most exciting sports program we’ve encountered so far that helps people with different abilities to explore the world around them!  After fracturing his C7 vertabrae in an accident, Karim Ladki founded 9Lives Adventures in Vancouver, Canada with one simple goal: to provide extreme adventure travel to disabled individuals who wish to push their limitless boundaries and furthermore, […]

Choosing Wheelchair Cushions: What You Need to Know

When you begin using a wheelchair, many times the main points about daily care and ongoing needs are all you have time to learn before you go home from the hospital or rehab.  Then, once you’re home, the reality of wheelchair use sets in, along with the risk for some common issues that go with […]

Children’s Books Take on Disabilities

As a parent of a disabled child, or a person with physical challenges, you might be amazed at the differences between kids and adults in terms of accepting disabilities. For the most part, children want to learn about disabilities, and they often are willing to focus on the individual’s abilities instead of their limitations. Kids love […]

SPORTS 'N SPOKES: Leading the Charge Into Wheelchair Sports

Since its inception in 1975, SPORTS 'N SPOKES magazine has served as the "Sports Illustrated" for the wheelchair community. Currently distributed to 43 countries worldwide, SPORTS 'N SPOKES says, “Our readers come from all walks of life all having one thing in common: determination!” Readers find ample resources on the magazine's pages and website, such as pictures, […]

Go Off-Roading with FreeWheel

Patrick Dougherty suffered a severe motocross accident seven years ago and as a result is now a C6/7 incomplete quad. Did Dougherty let this slow him down? Nope! He is the owner/inventor of a radical new product called FreeWheel. FreeWheel is an attachment for mobile wheelchairs that turns them into a off-road adventure vehicle! The […]

STRAPS Brings Adaptive Soccer and Goalball to San Antonio

San Antonio is home to many amazing things, and we're happy to say that Wheel:Life has found another to add to that list. STRAPS (South Texas Regional Adaptive and Paralympics Sports) is an athletic sports program that offers recreational as well as competitive sporting opportunities to all with physical disabilities. STRAPS hosts their events at […]

Wheel:Life Joins The Boston Red Sox's Run to Home Base

Wheel:Life is excited to announce that our staff writer Justin Racine will be participating in the Boston Red Sox's 2013 Run to Home Base!  The 9K road race begins on the famous Yawkee way in Fenway Park, and ends with runners actually running into center field, crossing the home plate as they finish. Beyond the […]

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