Professional Golfer Heather Drew Defies Odds Against Multiple Sclerosis

Editor's Note: With this week being MS Awareness Week, we wanted to share the story of a professional athlete who is overcoming the symptoms and stigma of Multiple Sclerosis in her everyday life.  Please join us in celebrating Heather Drew's achievements! The game of golf has played a very important role in my life since […]

Dennis Van Der Meer’s Dream Changed the World of Wheelchair Tennis

Editor’s Note: Tennis is one of the most popular wheelchair sports. As you progress, you can have plenty of competition with able-bodied tennis players as well as with wheelchair athletes. What has caused wheelchair tennis to have such phenomenal growth in the last few years? One major contributor to this growth has been the Professional […]

Vitamin D Shines Light on Multiple Sclerosis

We all remember the days of the Flintstone vitamin craze, but how else have vitamins progressed over time? Well not much at all really, they still look, act and taste the same. However, what has progressed is the research and knowledge that recently has been brought to the forefront of what the right vitamins can […]

Everybody was Kung-Fu Fighting: Self-Defense for Wheelchair Users

We live in a crazy, unstable, unpredictable world, that’s for certain. You can never tell when someone may be looking to rob or steal from you or your family, and many times it’s when you least expect it. What if someone breaks into your home in the middle of the night? Are you prepared to confront them and […]

Wheelchair Friends Make National News

So many folks have been talking about Matthew Castelluccio's debut on 20/20 last night, we thought we would share that video today [if you haven’t seen it yet] along with some other notable national news debuts from other friends who also use wheelchairs. Matthew’s story on ABC's 20/20 discussed the motorcycle accident that left him […]

NC State Wheelchair Court Stormer, Will Privette, Gets a Hand From Dressen Medical Supply

The medical supply industry publication, HME News, shared this story recently about a good samaritan that we'd like to pass on to you as well.  Tell a friend today about Ed! Medical supply provider Ed Dressen found himself in the spotlight this week, just for doing his job.  On Jan. 12, right after the buzzer sounded on […]

Skeeter Powell and David’s Table Help Children with Disabilities Across South Carolina

Editor’s Note: Robert “Skeeter” Powell of Greenville, South Carolina, is an unusual individual who defines the word, love. Once you read his story and learn about his calling, you’ll understand why he’s the role model for many. He’s not the most-important person in his world and actually considers himself the least important. But he exemplifies […]

Wheelchair-Friendly Workouts

Everyone starts off with great intentions, especially when it comes to losing weight. If you use a wheelchair, however, working out is a little different for you. You may not know where to start or feel comfortable going at it on your own. Don’t worry. Wheel:Life has listed some fantastic sources below to help you shed that […]

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