Ms.Wheelchair California Tiffany Hendrickson Tells Her Story

Tiffany Hendrickson, age 25, had no intention of competing in the Ms.Wheelchair California competition when she first learned about it. Tiffany explains, “I hated public speaking, but after having Ms. Wheelchair California reach out to me a few times, I decided to go for it, just to prove I could be a good public speaker.” […]

Capturing the Benefits of Wheelchair Yoga

Archimedes de Leon has been a yoga instructor for 14 years, and recently has been working to modify his classes and techniques for wheelchair users. Based out of San Francisco, de Leon teaches everything from how to meditate, to how to exercise the limbs and how to release stress on an emotional and mental level. […]

Adaptive Athletes Wow Medtrade As United States Power Soccer Association Competes on Center Stage

Power soccer athletes convened from across the nation to show off their skills during two exhibition games at Medtrade 2014. The games took place on Medtrade’s Expo Floor at the Georgia World Congress Center during October as hundreds of people witnessed the skilled athletes take each other on with a spirit of positive energy and […]

The Triumph Foundation is Here to Help You Up

Triumph means "the act of greatly overcoming an obstacle". The word itself is powerful and motivating, which is why it perfectly takes its place within the Triumph Foundation's name. The Triumph Foundation is an organization devoted to helping individuals with spinal cord injuries overcome whatever obstacles they are facing and to do so in a […]

Have SCI? CPAP May be the Answer for Sleep Troubles

Do you have trouble sleeping? Do you sleep only a few hours a night? A new study shows that people with spinal cord injury could benefit from being assessed for sleep apnea. According to the American Academy of Sleep Medicine, 77 percent of spinal cord injury (SCI) survivors have symptomatic sleep-disordered breathing, and nearly 92 […]

The Accessible Icon Project Gives a Facelift to a Familiar Symbol

We’ve all seen the universally-used disability symbol, whether it was at the mall, at a school or posted on the side of the big bathroom stall that every able-bodied person wants to use. This blue square with a white image of a person sitting in a wheelchair is a symbol that’s recognized worldwide. This symbol is an […]

Push Girl Tiphany Adams Kicks Off Student Awareness Initiative

Tiphany Adams raises awareness and understanding on many topics – always with a core message of truth, love and self-acceptance. Tiphany currently stars on Sundance Channels’ critically acclaimed docu-series Push Girls. In addition to her television work, Tiphany speaks and advocates publicly on the topics of drunk and distracted driving, LGBT and GSA, nutrition, wellness and fitness. She […]

Connecting with a Peer Support Group in Your Community

It takes time to adjust to using a wheelchair, no matter why you're using one.  Having a friend who has already rolled a mile in your shoes can help make the journey a little smoother.  That's why Wheel:Life encourages all of our readers to get involved in a peer support group in their local community. According to the National Spinal […]

Accessible Apartments: Tips for Making Your Rental Mobility-Ready

Editor's Note: Our friends at The Mobility Project - an initiative created by Mobility Management magazine - are sharing a series of articles with Wheel:Life to help empower our community of wheelchair users, assistive technology users and their families! We'll be posting the article highlights with a link to the full story below.  According to the Rental […]

Three Spinal Cord Injury Research Projects You Should Keep An Eye [Or Tongue] On

Wheel:Life monitors research news that could impact your life as a wheelchair user, and we're excited to share the latest research advancements and projects making recent headlines!  The following three medical studies have the potential to improve either functional ability or overall quality of life for people who use wheelchairs due to spinal cord injuries.  So […]

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