Comfort Medical Sponsors Freedom Concepts to Help You Win An Adaptive Bike

Have you always dreamt of gliding down the street with the wind in your hair on your very own adaptive bike or seeing your child experience that same feeling of freedom? This holiday season, Comfort Medical is partnering with Freedom Concepts, an industry leader in the creation of adaptive bikes, to make that dream come […]

Go Further Together with GRIT: Stories of Community Support

Our friends at GRIT, the makers of the revolutionary Freedom Chair, believe that we all go further when we go together. Call it collaboration or teamwork or cooperation; at the end of the day, we can accomplish so much more if we work together. And just as we would work together on the trail to […]

Go Wild with the Rogue XP Wheelchair by Ki Mobility

You're young. You're active. You're YOU. Don't let a heavy wheelchair hold you back from the way you'd like to roll.  Our friends at Ki Mobility understand that inner drive you have as you're heading off to school, your first job or just away for the weekend to explore your world. That's why they've designed […]

Ki Mobility Celebrates 10 Years of Better Wheelchair Design

Join us in celebrating a very special birthday in the complex rehab field!  Wheelchair manufacturer Ki Mobility is celebrating 10 years of providing great product and service through better design for people facing mobility challenges.  To commemorate their anniversary, Ki Mobility is celebrating by doing what they do best – giving back to the community […]

Find Your Next Accessible Vehicle with BLVD

One of the most universal challenges we see in the Wheel:Life community is the issue of how best to obtain or sell an accessible vehicle.  Financing poses challenges, in addition to what makes sense for your family or your individual needs.  That’s why we were thrilled to discover a website – – that exists […]

A Wheelchair User's Guide to Prescription Savings for You & Your Pet

If you use a wheelchair, chances are you also have a handful of medications and maybe even a fixed budget. [Don't we all?] Are you missing out on major discounts without even knowing it when it comes to buying prescriptions? With the right research, and finding out what companies offer the best discounts, you could […]

Money-Saving Tips During Deductible Co-Pay Season

The joy of the new year always seems a little less bright when you realize it’s also time to meet your health insurance deductible during the first three months of the year.  Regardless of whether or not you’re on Medicare, Medicaid or private insurance, it seems every insurance plan has some deductible and co-pay schedule […]

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